Monday, July 5, 2010

I love the south, I really do. I love the people, I love the big, beautiful natural trees, I love the small-town feel of this Rocket City yet big name shopping and beautiful parks that the town boasts. I am so happy that Sophia has been able to experience a different part of the country and will develop memories (and maybe even an accent) of one of the many sides of American culture. But she is my California girl through and through. She talks about the beach at least once a day and is convinced that all the 'rockets' she 'sees' around town are flying to the coast, to the comfort of where she called home her whole little life. She takes one step outside and says, "Mama, it's hot' but never lets that keep her from running in her big, beautiful backyard or playing at her favorite new park next to Daddy's work. I must admit that as hard as this military life is at times with the constant moving and uncertainty, I feel very lucky to be able to call new places around the country home. There are days where I miss the beach and the palm trees but it is comforting to know that they are still there, just the way I remember them and I will have them close again one day with an added appreciation for what I too often took for granted.

This past June has been wonderful and it's hard to believe that we've been here almost two months. Amidst the crazyness of moving into a new house, we've found time to brave the heat and take walks, to sit on our front porch and watch thunderstorms as they brew, sunbathe on our back deck until one of us complains we can't take the heat anymore, barbecue on our new 'manly' bbq, and celebrate birthdays, holidays and little milestones in our daughters lives! I'm really settling into life here and feeling confident that Sophia and I will be able to take wonderful care of her baby sister while Chris is gone. I very rarely get lost around town anymore and I can find all the things we need with ease, finally settling into a routine that I so desperately needed to keep me sane. I'm growing, growing and GROWING but to say 'like a weed' doesn't sound very pretty (ha) and as I hit the halfway point in my pregnancy, my daydreams of this baby have become more detailed as I so anxiously anticipate her arrival. Chris has been working long hours but has had the past two weekends off and we've soaked up every second of his 'free' time. As always, he's wrapped around Miss Sophia's finger and I don't see that ever changing. I overheard him saying to Sophia yesterday while I was cooking dinner...'Little one, what are you going to do when your little sister wants to cuddle with Dad?' to which she responded in her semi-audible Sophia-language, 'she sit with mama'. Ha! I laughed. I can see him relaxing very comfortably with his two little girls in the not so distant future and my goodness, if you know Chris, well the thought of him surrounded by beautiful baby girls makes anyone smile! We celebrated his birthday this past week starting with a candle in his must-have fried egg and hash brown breakfast (with tortillas of course, I will refrain from a joke here) and ended with some presents which Sophia picked out all by herself! :) Chris is a man of few wants and very rarely asks for anything come birthday and Christmas time but come on, who can resist some blow pops and a screwdriver from an overjoyed Sophia! I think he's working on a couple purchases to complete the house so we'll keep his birthday going throughout the summer. It is such a treat to have him home, something we never take for granted.

Have I mentioned that I love holidays? I'm the girl that counts down to Christmas on December 26th and as I get older and watch Sophia grow, I appreciate and look forward to Holidays so much more. This Fourth of July was wonderful, spending time with t
he type of friends that are more like family. A lovely day!

We're all settling into the summer nicely and I am trying to soak up every second of being pregnant. The months are flying by and I have so much that I want to do with my Sophia before the summer is over and fall sets in. I see water park visits, rain walks with our new 'wellies', park visits with Dad, cuddles with Nani and Papa and some serious Auntie time in the near future with lots and lots of pictures taken capturing all these wonderful memories. Happy Fourth of July to you all and a heartfelt 'We miss you' to all our friends and family around the country...scratch that, around the world! :)

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