Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finally, Sophia's new room is finished and it looks fantastic! Sophia's 'big girl bed' is exactly what I imagined and the storage capabilities make me squeal every time I set foot in her adorable little room. I think I might update a few of the pictures in the frames and see if I can find some more knick-nacks for her dressers but I think it looks so sweet and is perfect for a growing girl! :)

I'm also still on the lookout for the perfect duvet cover which I'm thinking would look darling in a shade of light yellow but being the bargain hunter that I am...patience is a virtue! It's such a treat seeing Sophia enjoying her new room but what put an even bigger smile
on my face was hearing Chris tell me how much he loves it! Now I've got to start working on color schemes for our new little love's room. We've already got her crib, a dresser (which I think I'll change out the knobs for something very classicly girly), and a bookcase but I'm frantically brainstorming a color scheme. I'm not big on themes in a girl's
room but am a firm believer in buying 'baby' decor that can grow with her. Am I nesting already? As my mama said last night while we were chit-chatting away, now is the stage in my pregnancy where I'm glowing and growing so I'm going to take advantage of all the blessings that come with the second trimester, and get some work done! :) I look forward to
including Sophia in decorating her baby sister's room and am anxiously anticipating the moment where they meet and she truly becomes a big sister. Yesterday afternoon Sophia kissed my especially round belly and said 'I love you baby sister'. Does life get any sweeter? Now off to sit with Sophia in her new room and daydream about my two daughters!

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