Sunday, July 25, 2010

My beautiful little lovebug getting her first pedicure! I sat with great friends marveling at the fact that we're actually here, at the point where Sophia can get a pedicure and I can think back to the day that made me a Mama where I only dreamed of this. Do you know that I've waited for this day? I've dreamt of all the little things I will do with my girl and this was one of them! Oh, the joy.

One might say that this isn't the greatest picture of my little sweetheart but my oh my does this sum up one side of Sophia's personality...little Miss Attitude! I've been pleasantly surprised at how we have so seamlessly avoided any bouts with the 'terrible two's' until only recently. And it isn't so much anything terrible, it is more of what I'll call a refinement of her stubbornness, seeing more and more what she can get away with. She's very smart, so smart that she keeps Mama on her toes and Dad chuckling. Of course Chris and I do our best to keep up and not let her get away with things but to hear her so politely tell someone 'please' and 'thank-you', I suppose the 'terrible-two's' could be worse.

And then there's my goofball who loves to laugh and be silly. Who finds the splendor in all the little things of life and makes sure to always tell Mama and Dad how much she loves us. So with the stubbornness comes the joy and to appreciate one you must have the other. I can't complain. It is so lovely being Sophia's mama...oh-so-lovely.

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