Saturday, November 7, 2009

Usually when I call home to talk to Mom or Dad by the end of the conversation Sophia is practically yanking the phone from my ear to say hi to everyone too. Sometimes Sophia is quiet and barely says a word but other times she's miss chatty Cathy! Here she is today gabbing away to Papa! Fifteen minutes later, she had moved into her room and was still talking but had put Papa on mute so he couldn't hear a thing. What I got a huge kick out of was the fact that while talking to Papa she proceeded to go get her purse to put on her shoulder, put on my flip flops and put on her Daddy's cover. See what I mean about making me laugh!!! Very cute if you ask me! :)
She's still talking! Notice the cell phone in the picture below that she had muted at this point! I'm sure Papa didn't mind! ;)

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