Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friendship soothes the soul!

Is Halloween more fun with kids or is it just me? What is more fun than pumpkin patches, and petting zoo's and free candy!? On Friday, Misha and I took Sophia to her first pumpkin patch in La Jolla. Not only were there loads of pumpkins to choose from but a ton of rides and slides and even a petting zoo which we of course had to check out first. As you can see in the picture, Sophia was not timid or shy at all. She loves all kind of animals and I had no doubt that being able to pet them and interact with them would be a huge hit. Next we were on to blowup house and blowup slides where Sophia bounced off the rest of her energy and allowed Misha and I to get some cute pictures for Dad. I would say that was the only downside to this day out with Sophia. I was more aware than ever that Chris wasn't here and I saw a glimpse of what it was going to be like for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In emails, Chris mentioned to me many, many times how badly he wished he could have seen her in the petting zoo and how cute she looked next to all of the huge pumpkins. Imagine only getting to see pictures of the ones you love the most in life and hoping that they have fun without you? That's true sacrifice and I tell Sophia that all the time.

Halloween was soon upon us and after a lazy day of getting our candy and decorations together, it was time for Sophia to finally get into her gorgeous angel costume! Once we started trick-or-treating, she had absolutely no idea what was going on which was kind of funny thinking about how strange Misha and I must have looked asking for candy! We went to one house, met some of the local kids outside, saw their cute costumes and headed home to pass out candy. The funniest thing was seeing Sophia interact with all the trick-or-treaters. She greeted them at the door definitely showing off her costume and checking out their interesting attire. I loved it! Although it wasn't your typical Halloween night trick-or-treating, I loved the pictures we took of Sophia as a beautiful little angel and being able to experience Halloween with Misha around to keep us company! Overall a great weekend and a visit filled with great conversation and many amazing memories.

Thanks Misha for coming to visit Sophia and I! It's always so amazing to me what Misha and I have been through together and how quickly we jump right back into things when we get a chance to spend some time together. Last night Misha told me that she was going to miss her little shadow when she left us. Isn't that he truth...Sophia found a new best friend! Sophia would follow Misha around all week from the time she woke up til Sophia went down for the night. My favorite memories are the ones where I overheard Misha and Sophia talking about life while Misha was putting on her makeup and watching the two of them read together before bed! Sometimes it boggles my mind how much life has changed with Sophia in it...for the better of course! Not only do I get to experience the joys of seeing Sophia with her Dad and our extended families but also old friends who I have known since what seems like a lifetime ago. That's pretty cool. I found a quote the other day on my daily tear-away calender and I want to close my post with it. It really does sum up everything that I have come to believe about motherhood.

'What I've really discovered is the humanizing affect of my daughter in my life, humbling me. Maybe my nights aren't as they used to be, my life not as glamorous...still I like the woman that motherhood has helped me become.'

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