Saturday, November 7, 2009

I can't get over how much Sophia makes me laugh. I mean, you know those moments during the day when you're doing one thing after another and you could really use a break? It is in these moments that Sophia makes me laugh. Take for instance I was filling up the puppies' food bowls I saw Sophia out of the corner of my eye sneak up to the bowl and scoop up a few pieces of dog food. What her obsession is with that stuff, I'll never understand but clearly it is not something that I like her to get into. When I asked Sophia what she was doing and what she had in her hands, she proceeded to stick her two fists behind her back, look at me with this innocent look and say..."Where'd it go? Where'd it go?" in the most adorable way possible. Kind of the same expression she had in the picture where she's holding my milk glass which is another one of hew new obsessions...drinking out of a 'big girl cup'. I know, I know...I'm her Mama, I've got to stick my foot down and be FIRM so of course I snatched the dog food out of her hands, had a talk with her about leaving the "yum, yums" for the puppies and we continued on with our morning. After doing different odds and ends around the house, like any other typical Saturday morning without Chris around, I find Sophia with a bunch
of her toys in Mama and Dada's bed. I just couldn't resist snapping a few pictures. My favorite is the one where she's pretending to sleep...with one eye cracked open! :) I told Chris today on the phone that one of Sophia's favorite things to do is get up on the bed with me and all the puppies and pretend to go 'night, night'. :)
She'll tap the spot next to her on the bed, fold the covers down for me and we'll snuggle together as she says 'night, night' and closes her eyes. Ah, it is in the moments like this that I am forced to take life a little less seriously and remember to laugh every chance I can get. Isn't it funny how a one and half year old can teach you so much about life and make you feel like you are their whole world. If that's not a reason to smile, I don't know what is. :)

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