Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well, Sophia has officially learned to call the dogs! Most of the time it's just Sophia, the dogs and I hanging around in the house and it's the funniest thing to watch them together. Sancho and Jaina are truly Sophia's friends. They are the first thing she goes to after being out running errands with me. She plays with them, she kisses them, she feeds them and NOW she calls them by name. She has always said hi to them as she passes by but now she's clearly saying 'Sacho and Nana'. 'Nana' (Jaina) is her favorite. She goes all around the house saying...'Nana, Nana, Nana'...then finds her, smiles and says 'There she is!'. I'm constantly amazed at how much she understands but only recently have I noticed how much MORE she is talking. Chris mentioned it after we 'video chatted' the other night how much more expressive Sophia is. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when she strings her first sentence together. A double edged sword really...being able to express herself using her words but also being able to ALWAYS express herself using her words. :) Sophia is also now bringing me a diaper when she wants to be changed and lies down ready for me to change her. We've been practicing sitting on the potty and hopefully after she learns to string sentences together we can move to pull-ups and on to potty training! Phew, it's exhausting just thinking about. All the changes and new developments. But you know what...after a long day with Sophia at the end of the night I always get my snuggle time. We talk about Daddy and how much he misses her. We talk about how much Mommy and Daddy love her and how proud we are of all that she is learning. I put her down for the night and when the lonliness starts to hit I look around the house scattered with toys and am amazed that Chris and I have created this beautiful chaos. It makes missing him easier, if that even makes sense. It makes the hard work and the long days worth it. How can you be sad when you have Miss Sophia to make you smile?

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