Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where would I be without my family?

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family...whatever you call it, wherever you need one" -Jane Howard
I've been thinking a lot these days about family and what it means to be a part of one. It's been on my mind because of course a big part of my little family is missing. It is amazing how many people have reached out to me and offered their support knowing that Chris is gone. Take for example my sisters...who gave up two weeks of their summer to come hang out with me and Sophia. Or Amanda and Chris who instead of "party-ing" is up California style, kept me company every night with great conversations and lots of laughter. Or Mom and Dad who are always there for advice and support whenever I need someone to talk to. Or Toni and Judy who have always been there for encouragement helping me pick my head up when things get lonely. I guess having time alone has got me thinking how I can be as helpful to others as I feel others are helpful to me. How can I use these 7 months to be a better wife and think of things I can do to make Chris' life easier at home when he returns? More importantly to set an example for Sophia that our family is strong and extremely close and will always be the first ones there to help her. Teaching her that giving of yourself is way more rewarding than being consumed with your own issues or problems. I know she sees the fun that she can have with her family and appreciates spending time with her Aunties and Uncles, her Nani and Papa, and her Nana and Great-Nana Judy. Seeing through the eyes of a child is truly fascinating and teaches me so many things about life. I love the way she brings joy to everyone around her. I learn from her that life is too short to fight and bicker about things that in the grand scheme of things don't matter. Life's too short not to smile and look on the brightside because there are plenty of people out there who are struggling more than you. And life is certainly too short to take for granted the time we spend with family and the memories we make along the way.

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