Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Phew! Where to begin? Looking back on this past week with Amanda and Chris I can't count the number of amazing moments that we shared. I am amazed at how fast the time went but so incredibly blessed at how our relationships were strengthened and how many great memories we made together! It really is amazing that Chris could even find the time off to come out and visit Sophia and I with everything that he has going on with baseball. As I saw them off today I just kept thinking how this trip was exactly what we all needed. Sophia could not have been happier.
The two of them flew in at about noon last Tuesday and left early the following tuesday morning. We packed so much into a week from shopping to trying to find the best fish tacos to sightseeing in LA to enjoying the beautiful weather in San Diego and touring Coronado (by car). We even got a few workouts in at the gym together! The last time that Chris and Amanda were around Sophia was when she was about 8 months. At that point she was barely crawling and really couldn't comprehend who the people were coming in and out of her life. This trip was totally different for her. I could see how happy she was when she was interacting with both Amanda and Chris. It's funny...she has this way about up every room. Everyone she meets is drawn to her because it's impossible not to be...she's such a happy little kid. Yes, she has her stubborn moments but overall she was fantastic exploring every new place that we went to and making memories with her Uncle Chris and Auntie Amanda. This is exactly what I wanted when I chose Chris to be Sophia's godfather. I can see how he loves her and there are no words to describe how that makes me feel. Wow, how life is different when you have a child! The things in life that seemed to be so monumental before I had Sophia in no way compare to the every day things Sophia and I do together! I am so blessed! I want to take a quick second to really thank Amanda and Chris for taking the time to come out to visit us. Thank you for ALL you did to help me but most of all thank you for the conversations we had and the memories we made. There were so many times that I just sat back and watched the two of you interact with Sophia and it's really sweet how she adores you both. Don't ever doubt the impact you have on her life even living so far away and always remember that I'm here for you, like you guys were here for me! I am proud to have you both in my life and couldn't have asked for better examples for Sophia! COME BACK SOON! :)

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