Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh the sweetness! And if you'll notice the 'Baby's First Christmas' bib and clashing pink-camo onesie underneath, you'll also realize just how badly this mama needs to do laundry. But honestly? I've got more important things to do...

Like take in every second of my littlest love's FIRSTS! Mhmm...that's right, she's lickin' her lips and  showing Daddy just how big she's getting!

Well, March called for both girls to get physicals and thanks to a small miracle in the world of 'Military Medicine', I scheduled the girls back to back with the same doctor! Both did awesome. Sophia as usual asked a million questions and proudly showed off her little sister and Alessandra smiled through the whole darn surprise there! What did surprise me was the lack of anyone so-called 'qualified' to give kids their vaccinations ('Military Medicine'~ it is what it is) so back we must go for shots. Ah well, I can't win 'em all. Sophia weighed in at 36 pounds and the little chunker tipped the scale at almost 16 pounds! This mama is grateful that they're both healthy and also  proud that they're both happy.

New months inspire me in more ways than I can count and this new month brings visitors, Easter Egg hunts and marks the halfway point of this deployment! Phew! Is it bedtime yet?!


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