Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh, My Little Love

She oozes happiness. She sees the world in a way that I envy. This little two and a half year old has made this twenty-four year old mama a better person from all of her magic. I think all moms will agree when I say that I wake up every morning and feel so very lucky to be her mama. Today was a wonderful day for us. Sophia had her very first gymnastics class at the Little Gym and

she had a wonderful time. It was just what you'd expect out of an under three gymnastics class...a whole lot of bouncing around in a toddler safe gymnastics gym and come on, what kid wouldn't like that! Initially I thought it would be more of an introductory dance class where she could wear her new leotard and ballet skirt that I found at an adorable consignment store Snickerpoodles for only four bucks but in doing some more research on the little gym, casual was the name of the game. So, we did a quick change after mama snapped some pictures of our future ballet sta


and were off to our class! I was so pleasantly surprised at how independent she was and how well she followed direction. Nothing was too structured, it was just an easy going forty minutes which was a perfect way to spend a Friday morning. I managed to snap some pictures of the little love exploring

the gym and as sappy and sentimental as I sound, my heart felt like it was going to spill with pride as I watched her go. She's not a baby anymore. It seems like I blinked and she grew into such a little lady. To think of all that she's been through in her little life, two deployments and a cross country move...well, I'm just proud.

Ah, enough of my mama rambles. If I'm this sappy after her first dance class, I can only imagine what the first day of school will bring! Oh, but I don't care one bit. Fault me for loving every second of being a mama! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! Happy, happy weekend! I've got a yummy pancake breakfast with great friends in the morning to benefit the Wounded Warrior project so needless to say, I'm a happy prego mama! Check out the project for yourself, it's a wonderful cause for our service members who deserve our support.

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