Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A hodgepodge...truly where my brain is these days!

I've got ideas...ideas for everything. Ideas for decorating baby sister's room. Ideas for baked goods to send to friends. Ideas for great Christmas presents and ideas as to how to make this all happen amidst being 6 and a half months pregnant with my feet SCREAMING at me to SIT DOWN! Today, Wednesday, I decided to do absolutely nothing outside the house. No browsing for a much needed pair of comfy sweats that accommodate my belly, no checking out craft stores for more ideas for the nursery, and no commissary trip. I try and force myself to do this at least once a week so that I can clean up our humble abode at my own leisure without having been out all morning lugging Sophia in and out of stores, making myself just want to put on Sleeping Beauty and crash when we come home. So far so good today, if I do say so myself. I've cleaned just about all of the hardwood floors on the 1st floor and have organized the living room and playroom for the fifth time since this long weekend. I've spray painted a few old frames to revamp them for my newest love's room and even managed to take a long walk with Sophia around the neighborhood talking about why the sun isn't out and shouting at the clouds to 'Go AWAY'! Not too shabby for a slow-moving pregnant chica!

So, I took a little time this past Labor Day to venture out by myself while Sophia was napping and Chris was watching some extremely annoying marathon of 'How It's Made'. I knew that Michael's was having a big Labor Day sale and I hit it up. I came home with four ginormous white, bead-board frames for the nursery along with a multitude of creative do-it-myself ideas to bring the colors I want that the stores aren't necessarily selling into the room. I'm super excited. I've decided on two colors...turquoise and pink. I know, I know, I caved...I truly am not a pink girl, other than my hot pink Discover credit card which I adore, but Sophia's already claimed purple and light, buttery yellow, and at the risk of stealing precious baby blue from our future son (and the hubby's dream of everything belonging to a boy! HA!), I had to go with pink. But it's not light pink, or rose or anything muted, it's more of a hot, salmon-ey pink which I love with turquoise. I've decided to accent these bright colors with white, hence the picture frames and am on a quest to find myself the perfect pink and turquoise paint colors and get to work giving wooden wall decor a color makeover. What I always struggle with in decorating is knowing that I've got to resist the urge to decorate the particular room and more try to find things that will work in a multitude of different settings, different paint colors, and amounts of wall space (because of our sometimes nomadic lifestyle). My goal is to stay away from anything cookie cutter so we shall see what my creative, hodgepodge of a mind comes up with. But like I said, I've got some wonderful ideas for this little love's nursery...ideas that I will find the energy to make realities in the not-so distant future.

And to make my Sophia happy and give ourselves a project to do together to surprise Dad coming home from work...we made cupcakes. Dora cupcakes nonetheless. Well, maybe Dora cupcakes is an exaggeration. The only thing Dora on the cupcakes were the wrapper but they were good and Chris' face lit up like a little boy's when he walked into the kitchen. Mission accomplished!

On a complete side note and to prove that my brain really is all over the place this week...while browsing on thinking about birth announcements/Christmas Cards, I found these totally awesome 'Mom Business Cards'. How many times have you run into someone and needed a pen and paper to write down your contact information. I've actually, at times like this, debated using an old gum wrapper. Not attractive. My friend Molly planted the seed in my head awhile back and I just came across these really cute designs. I love the idea and I might just go ahead and order myself a set! And back to my initial reason for my shutterfly browsing session...I think it just might be feasible this year to combine our Christmas card into baby sister's birth announcement! Another fun to-do list task? Yes, I think so!

And I'll finish for the day as the hubby comes home for lunch! Happy Wednesday!

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