Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everyone's got to-do lists right? Whether they're on your phone, a piece of scrap-paper or maybe a super cool day organizer that you carry everywhere with you to keep you organized/sane. I've got about twelve. Mine vary from what I have to do today, what I have to do two weeks from now, a month from now, etc. I have a calendar for on the run and at home. But recently, I started a new to-do list and I'm oh-so excited about it! I've titled it 'Things to do before baby sister arrives!' and doesn't that just sound exciting? In all honesty, I think it's just the third trimester 'nesting syndrome' talking here. I usually dread looking at my to-do lists and I keep my old one's around that have things crossed out or check marked off to boost my self-esteem. But this to-do list, I am so happy about as it's a getting ready list for our newest love's arrival!

First on my list is to finish updating all of Sophia's baby books, photo albums and picture frames. I have two lovely baby books given to me by my mom and mom-in-law when Sophia was baptised and are they up to date? Absolutely not. Why? I truly have no good excuse other than, for me being creative is something I have to work at. I not only have to be in the 'mood' but I've also got to have the time, uninterrupted time at that, to truly feel at peace in my mind with the work that I've created. I know, it really shouldn't be this complicated but there is a creativity conundrum in my head that I wish I could sort out. I have so many creative ideas and read so often on how to be more creative with DIY projects but that part of my brain is just not at all organized. So hence, I set a goal for myself. To update Sophia's baby books AND finish a scrap book that I only bought the materials for and nothing else!

On the flipside, I have been completely and utterly organized as far as keeping and storing all of Sophia's old clothes, toys, and gadgets (money saved for the Tinoco's!!!! CHA-CHING!!!). The day I found out this new little love was a girl, I went through all of my tubs of Sophia's old clothes and organized all clothes, bibs, hats and socks into size and season. The only problem we run into as far as adorning baby sister is our lack of heavy winter clothes but I look at that as a victory considering I have an almost complete wardrobe for baby sister without ever having to buy her a thing! Nonetheless, next on my to-do list, number 2, is putting away and hanging up all of baby sister's clothes in her nursery. As a side 'to-do' note, I'll do a nice big deep clean of all the toys and gadgets varying from teethers and bottles to swings and strollers!

Which brings me to what I'm sure will be my husband's favorite...browsing for a double stroller (which really means browsing for a double stroller, researching additional prices of double strollers, brands, etc. online, browsing again for a double stroller this time narrowing down our choices of brand and color and then and only then making the big purchase!) Can't you tell I'm married to a math and science major? His attention to detail is impeccable and slightly annoying to little ol' me, the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and just-buy-things self! We started our search for a double stroller pretty quickly after finding out we were pregnant while we were shopping for a pair of shoes for Sophia. A family was out at the mall with a super cool, super HUGE red double stroller. We pretty much followed them around the store trying to catch glimpses of/STARE at their stroller until Chris whispers, 'Hey, why don't we ask them how they like it.'. So cute, if you know Chris and me being me had no problems starting up what turned into a thirty minute conversation. Alas, we had a favorite stroller for about 10 minutes until we realized that we really are obsessive, me being not even 6 weeks pregnant to even start discussing this. Now that we're in the home stretch, I've asked Chris for a 'baby sister shopping date', just the three of us, to start the process.

And last on my list as it stands today (I bet you didn't think I'd only have four things on my far!), could be the most intense accomplishment in the world of organization.......CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. Yup, my goal is to not only finish all of my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving but to do it with the festive Christmas spirit, with decaf nonfat peppermint mochas in the gloriously red Starbucks cups, candy canes and baked goodies and lots and lots of Christmas tunes we all love so much during the holidays. You know what that means...Christmas is coming early in the Tinoco house. I will do my best to refrain from driving my husband totally nuts but even I saw a glimmer of Christmas in his eyes while watching Dora's Christmas Adventure! My scrooge I call him but I'll get him this year and it'll be the best Christmas yet! :) Number four on my list of lists has many additional lists where I digress to a blank page in my book to note all my loves I'm shopping for this Christmas and gift ideas for each one of them. So far, I'm on a roll!

I have great hope for myself and this list of lists. I've realized that the more you aim for perfection the closer you come. However, I more than anyone know that life isn't about being perfect but enjoying every perfectly imperfect moment to the fullest. In the words of my favorite lady blogger, Kelle Hampton (, you've got to suck the marrow out of life every chance that you've got and that's what I'm off to do these last few months before baby sister arrives. I've got three months to spend with just my Sophia, five months to spend with my Marine before he leaves for a far away land, and a whole lot to do in the meantime! Bring it on, I can take it!

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