Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun at the Huntsville Fair!

I just love Memorial Day weekend, don't you? It is a lot like July fourth in a sense with less hooplah. What a great weekend to remember all of those who serve and to give them the 'Thanks' they so very much deserve. A wonderfully, American holiday! :)

Chris, Sophia and I had an especially great Memorial Day weekend shopping the Memorial Day sales for some new furniture AND checking out the local fair! It was a lot of fun once I was drenched in sweat and got past the 90 degree weather with 500% humidity but Sophia didn't seem to notice the heat at all. If you ask her what we did at the fair she'll tell you (hand gestures and all) that we 'rode the chu-chu', went on the 'merry-go-round', slid down the 'BIG slide', rode the 'horsey' and went on the 'big wheel' (the Ferris wheel). I was very impressed seeing Sophia venture out and try so many new things. Between her love for animals and her 'no fear' mentality, she was in HEAVEN and Chris and I had a wonderful time watching her explore her very first fair. A wonderful day! I got my funnel cake, Chris got us all on the Ferris wheel and Sophia had a ball taking it all in! Ah, seeing life through the eyes of our Sophia. What a beautiful way to view the world! It certainly shines a new perspective on every day life...a perspective that I can't believe I ever went without.

So the house is coming along...slowly but surely. It turns out we have A LOT more space in this house than in the houses we've previously lived in but other than an additional playroom for Sophia and an extra bedroom, it is extra space that we need to fill. We've purchased some new furniture so I'm super excited to have everything set up in it's place and start enjoying our new house instead of constantly rearranging and reorganizing. On a really good note, we've met the majority of our neighbors and have truly lucked out. Although there aren't a lot of kids Sophia's age in the vicinity, the neighbors seem wonderful and have been so welcoming. I plan on getting Sophia into a couple fun classes, maybe some gymnastics or ballet classes once a week so that we meet some little one's her age and I can meet some fellow moms. As Chris said today...meeting people always take time, but told me to be patient and soon enough we'll have our routine going with some new friends thrown into the mix.

Speaking of Chris, he's doing great. He's been learning the in's and out's of his new job and loving it. Turns out working with a Reserve Unit is a whole new world so it has been interesting hearing about the differences and seeing how seamlessly Chris has adjusted. Coming up soon is a two week training period and when Chris is back he will officially take command and start preparing for their upcoming deployment! I'm just happy to see him happy, in charge and excited to be working again. He is thrilled to have 'command time', he's happy that he'll get to beef up his resume with a deployment to Afghanistan and he's enjoying working less than ten minutes away from home, where he's been coming to visit Sophia and I for lunch. A little different than his forty-five minute commute to Pendleton!

These days I'm just taking it all in. Sophia's adjusting to her new surroundings and is constantly surprising me, keeping me on my toes. I know that although Chris' deployment is a good eight months out, life takes over and it'll be here before we know it. I try to remind myself not to take anything for granted and to 'live each day like he's deploying tomorrow'. The more organized I am before baby number 2's arrival, the more prepared I'll be for that inevitable day where he leaves all three of us for the call of duty. Such is the life of a Marine Wife! Happy summer everyone!!!!!

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