Thursday, December 17, 2009

Now I know that Sophia is just in a diaper but I had to show this picture. Usually, when Chris calls or is able to skype, Sophia sits next to me and we both chat with dad on the computer. Lately, she's been very possessive of her Dada and won't let me anywhere near him when she sees that he's on the computer. I think it's absolutely adorable to see a two year old sitting with a computer (that's almost the size of her) on her lap and talking to her Dad 6,000 miles away.
I also wanted to share with you guys a card that my great friend Kitty sent to me and what she added to the front to make it relevant. Can you see the writing in the grass and the clouds she drew in the sky? Not only did she send me this card but she's been sending me a card a week for the entire deployment. She has given me something to look forward to and inspired me to work hard and 'keep truckin'. So thank you Kitty. You truly are such an amazing friend.

Without my family and friends, I don't know where I'd be. Thank you all!

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