Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sophia's almost one and a half!

My goodness! Has life been different with a toddler running around the house! My friend Molly told me that if you followed around a toddler all day and counted your steps...that you'd have moved more than a football player in training! I BELIEVE IT! Ask my Pops (Papa), Sophia could walk around the neighborhood ALL day long. She has so much energy which is not necassarily a bad thing because it keeps me busy...and healthy! :) She's such a good little eater too. I remember months ago when I gave her a bell pepper to munch on and Chris looked at me like I had three heads. My mom always told me to let her try lots of new things at an early age and it's really paid off. She loves to nibble on my salad and she'll eat any type of veggie or fruit over a cookie. I know right? I'm serious! She could eat blueberries by the carton! I think it's tough though because sometimes the easiest and least expensive thing to feed our little toddlers is not always the healthiest but by putting in a little more effort cutting up the fruits and veggies, you'll develop good eating habits! Although the days are long and exhausting, I think that this age is the best! Listening to her communicate more and more is the funniest thing. She can say a handful of words like belly button, and shoes and of course puppies. Chris has taught Sophia lots of different things like where her nose is (and the likes) and how to pet the puppies! I'm so anxious for her to say her first full sentence because I can see her frustration when she can't quite communicate what she needs (it turns into a whine.) I feel so blessed to have such an amazing mom as well who has been there for me whenever I needed advice! Even though we're 3000 miles away, we talk at least once a day and I ask her everything about parenting. Without her, i'd be lost. She's going to be a great help for me emotionally as well when Chris deploys. I do expect Sophia to regress a little during this deployment maybe change her sleeping habits or throw more tantrums but I hope that towards the end of the 8 months, we'll be conquering potty training and getting ready to adjust to moving to our next destination!

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