Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We have made it to Huntsville, Alabama and have successfully found a beautiful house for our growing family! The trip out was pretty easy for Sophia and I, it was Chris that had the tedious job of driving the cars cross-country. He's made the trek a time or two when he was in college at Auburn, but this trip was slightly different after his run-in with a wild turkey somewhere on a Texas highway. Twenty-eight hundred dollars later, the front of his car is back to it's usual shiny self and my hubby is happy to have made it in one piece! I feel like I could tell one of those know you're in Texas when you get hit by a wild turkey crossing the highway! HA!

Anyways, thanks to my amazing friend Carolyn, her mom Kathy and sister Amanda...Sophia and I found a wonderful four/five bedroom home that has been completely remodeled and like new. After the first week of looking in Huntsville, I was getting a little discouraged with what I was seeing but thankfully, we stumbled across this little wonder in a perfect area of town. I truly could not ask for more. Our stuff arrived in tact and after a week and a half of sleeping on air mattresses, sleeping in our wondrous bed was amazing. It's hard to believe that we're here and settled. I truly could not have done it without Carolyn, Kathy and Amanda. I was telling Chris that I feel so spoiled having what might as well be family in a town miles and miles from anywhere I've ever lived before. I made a quick run to Target after all of our stuff arrived and who did I run into? Kathy!!! I came home all excited to actually be in a place where after only being here a week I can run into someone I know and LOVE! Chris must think I've gone off the deep end but I love it. I love the mountains here and all the green, big, beautiful trees! I love the people that I've met so far and I could definitely get used to the southern style of living! Once all the craziness subsides, I can't wait to explore the town in more depth, finding friends for Sophia, finding some moms I can relate to and of course taking care of my Marine who sacrifices so much so that Sophia and I can have the life that we have. So here's to a new town to explore and a new house to make a home...with the important things like family always staying the same.

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