Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We finally know where we're moving to next and we begin our journey cross country at the end of April! Chris took an I&I position (Inspector/Instructor Duty) with a Marine Corps HIMARS Reserve Unit in Huntsville, Alabama. that we're all confused, I'll try and explain. For the past three years, Chris has been working with a HIMARS (Rocket) battalion at Camp Pendleton and because of that, was specifically looking for an open position in that field (HIMARS) for his b-billet to broaden his wealth of knowledge hence being more prepared for his time back in the fleet (2-3 years from now). From what I understand there are three Reserve HIMARS batteries, one in Huntsville, one in El Paso, Texas and another in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Initially, we had decided that Oklahoma city would be ideal for us. The cost of living was excellent but more importantly the wide open spaces and mid-west style of living were exactly what we wanted. However, after having the Marine Corps tell us that's where we were headed, plans changed within the battery itself and a slot was no longer available. That left us with Huntsville and El Paso! Needless to say, we jumped on Huntsville, AL for SO many reasons! (Google the location of El's about four miles from Chihuahua, Mexico) Not only is the lifestyle more of what we're looking for than El Paso, my best friend Carolyn and who I call my partner in this whole 'Marine Corps Wife' thing was born and raised in Huntsville! Being in the Marine Corps you kind of just take it as a given that you're lucky if you know a handful of people at your new duty station at any given time. Here, Chris and I were looking at having pretty much family at our next assignment! Carolyn and her family have already been so helpful giving me all sorts of valuable information on the city which should make finding a house SO much easier. I've got my checklists made and I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the crazy couple of months getting everything ready to move. All in all, I am THRILLED about our move to Alabama! More importantly, I'm thrilled for Chris who is chomping at the bit to get to work at his new job! He is so happy, and that is all I can ask for! :) I've attached some pictures of our new city to give you guys an idea of how pretty it is! As of right now, we're aiming to be out of Southern California and on our way to Huntsville at the end of April! Until then, Sophia and I will be enjoying the California sunshine and living at the beach...two of the things I'll miss the most about San Diego.

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