Friday, March 12, 2010

Phew, is it really almost the middle of March!? February seemed to just fly by and now we are deep in the throws of getting ready for our move! I've got a checklist about a mile long but of course none of that matters to Sophia who is growing up faster than I can grasp!
It's such a fun stage she's in now, beginning to show a willingness to help me and it's adorable to see how excited she gets when she does something she knows we'll be proud of! Every so often I start to see little glimpses into the future when I can show her about cooking and the importance of keeping a nice home. It is now that I truly appreciate having a daughter and get so excited about what is to come! Chris captured some pictures of Sophia helping me cook one night and how I had to shorten one of my aprons so she could be just like 'Mommy'. Often times I find myself doing the dishes in the kitchen and up pops Sophia with her little step stool next to me mimicking my cleaning. People always say that life through the eyes of a child is so much more beautiful but I don't think you can fully grasp that until you see the changes in a child's expression when they see something they have never seen before. I love the way Sophia's face lights up in pride when she tries something new on her own, a huge sense of accomplishment for her! I find myself sometimes just staring at her going about her little independent way and thinking that she is my tiny bit of proof that God does exist.

We got Sophia's ears pierced last week and she did about as well as can be expected. I think Sophia was more confused than anything and after a little cry (phew, I get heart palpitations just thinking about it) we rushed off to the pet store, a sure fire way to get Sophia smiling again. A new pair of baby Jordan's later and a lunch with Mom and Dad at McDonald's, Sophia was home and admiring her new 'ears'. She looks adorable and I catch her looking at herself in the mirrors around the house. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well she does cleaning them. Every morning and every night, we clean and twist them and Sophia does so well sitting still! We just have to wait six weeks and we'll be able to switch out the earrings! I told Chris to watch he's got two girls to buy jewelry for! ;)

So a little less then two months left in sunny California. I was talking with Carolyn yesterday and she mentioned how fantastic the lifestyle is in Southern California and how conducive it is to raising kids. It really got me thinking about how amazing Chris, Sophia and I's last three years have been here and how badly I hope to come back! However, I think sometimes when you live in one place too long you start to take it for granted and I'm excited to have a whole new appreciation for the place Chris and I truly became a family!

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