Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I ran into this older woman the other day in the grocery store. It was pretty late in the evening and Chris and Sophia were waiting for me outside as I was just running in to pick up some juice. As she was loading her stuff on the conveyer belt she saw that I only had a couple of items and told me to go ahead in front of her. After I told her thank you, she proceeded to tell me that she hadn't worked all day and that she didn't have anywhere she needed to be so it was not a problem to wait a little longer in line. She told me that she went on retirement about a year ago and was finally beginning to enjoy the benefits of not having to work. I asked her why now? Why a year after she took retirement and she said with a straight face, "Well I got cancer and pretty much went through hell but the big man upstairs (her exact usage of words) gave me a second chance however limited it may be and I'm going to make the most of it!" I was taken aback by the shock of it all and the sap that I am, started thinking back to both of my grandparents battles with cancer. What a fantastic way to look at life. She knows that she's no spring chicken and that her days here on earth are probably numbered but instead of giving up and realizing that the better part of her life had come and gone, she spread her joy and optimistic attitude to me on a random night in a random grocery store. I walked away smiling thinking that this was for sure one of life's little miracles.

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