Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My little lovebug is officially two years old and I am more in love with her than ever! Her smile lights up a room and she is never short on hugs, kisses and lots of love! It was no different yesterday on her birthday which we celebrated together as a family! It seems like such a treat to be able to say that...all of us together as a family! Initially we had big plans for her birthday, thinking maybe we'd head to Sea World or the San Diego Zoo. Unfortunately, after months and months without rain in Southern California, the skies opened yesterday and squashed our idea for some outdoor fun. So we turned to every parent's default when it rains....CHUCK-E-CHEESE!!!!!! We had taken her to good ol' Chuck's pad before Chris left on his most recent deployment but quickly realized that she was too young to really enjoy it. This time was completely different and there was a whole section that was just her size. Although she couldn't play many of the games, she loved riding on the rides and eating some pizza. Actually, what I think she enjoyed the most was hanging out with her Mom AND Dad. I said to Chris today at lunch how she has changed since he's come home. She's much happier when her Dad is around. It's the truth. Since Chris has been home, there's this new light in her and I see it in him too. It's the genuine happiness of the both of them that makes me love this thing called motherhood. I could sit and stare at my two loves for hours and when thinking back over these last few years, to say that I feel blessed is an understatment. God has given us challenges but provided us with the tools to overcome them and come out stronger on the other end. He has kept a special eye out for our Marine and blessed us with a beautifully well adjusted little girl who treasures every moment with her Dad. Having gone through two deployments and many missed holidays and occasions as a family all in the course of her little life, I believe that it is only a testament to us being able to do anything together. I thank God every day...every single day. :)

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