Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chris is HOME after a long, long trip and things are finally back to normal in the Tinoco house! Chris made it home in time to ring in the New Year and to little Miss Daddy's girl Sophia, it was like he never left! There was no confusion, there was no crying, there was just pure shock when Sophia saw him almost as if she couldn't believe it was really him! She kept repeating over and over again...Dada! Dada! Dada and hasn't left his side since! As you can imagine, it was the highlight of my whole YEAR and one of the moments I'll never forget. Chris is on leave (a month of paid vacation, not too shabby and well deserved if you ask me ;) for about a month and to say Sophia is taking advantage of the fact that he is home, is an understatement. They do everything together and since she is so much more verbal, it is cute to see them actually having conversations. A wonderful way to start 2010 and I feel very blessed to have made it through another deployment still standing! Next on the agenda is Sophia's second birthday on the 19th! I'm deciding on a theme and whether I should give in and make the house a Spongebob Paradise OR find something different at one of the local party stores! :) Nonetheless, Happy 2010 everyone!

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