Saturday, September 5, 2009

I've decided that I need a hobby and since one of my favorite things to do is take pictures of my little angel Sophia, why not start a scrapbook! Mind you, I really am NOT the most creative person in the world and don't close my eyes and see scrapbook layouts with pictures and stickers and buttons...HOWEVER, I do see the importance of documenting important moments in Sophia's life. I want Chris and I to look back at the past in a cute, creative way. Today I decided to sift through all of my photo's over the past two years. While looking over the pictures of when Sophia was first born, I found myself fighting tears. Wow! The time has gone by quickly which is ironic because these days I feel like it can't move any slower. There is something interesting about being a military wife and going through a deployment. As you may have noticed, it occupies every part of my life and it consumes everything that I do. It's almost as if my life is on hold waiting for this lonliness to end and our lives as a family to begin again. But what kind of message is that teaching little Sophia...that when things don't go as we want them to that we should put everything on hold until they do? Am I going to look back on this time with Sophia growing into her own little person and think, oh yeah those were the days when I was just waiting for things to go back to normal? Life is not about just barely getting through every day because we're overwhelmed with our problems. It's about knowing when to laugh and realizing that sometimes we're just bound to have a bad day...maybe even two or three of 'em! It's being able to look over old photo's and not regret the days of the past but smile at the fact that despite our trials and tribulations, we made the best of every day!

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