Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So...I signed Sophia up for swim lessons! :) Only in California can you sign up for swim lessons at the end of September and I love it! I found this GREAT pool with fantastic prices and signed Sophia up for a two week 'Mom and Tot' swim class. Every time Sophia is near water she can't get enough and I would LOVE to encourage that. Take bath time for example. Lately, admist playing with her water toys...she's been rolling onto her belly, sticking her face in the water and practicing her kicks! She can even say it...'kick, kick, kick'! Not only will this be a great experience for Sophia but I also think it'll be a great experience for me. I'll have a chance to meet other mom's with toddlers while having some fun in the sun! :) And all for 15 bucks! Does it get better than that!?

So the countdown has begun! 6 days and counting until my Mama is in sunny San Diego! :) You know...I seriously can't wait for just being able to sit and spend time talking with my mama when things are quieting down for the evening! She always has such great insight and advice on parenting and life in general. Sometimes people take for granted having family around just to sit with and feel their presence. Sometimes I'd give everything to sit and watch a show with my sisters, or share a glass of wine with my Dad or see Sophia make my brother laugh or sit and have a long chat with Amanda and my mom. I for sure am going to work to make the week last as long as possible and savor EVERY moment!

Thanks again for everyone's sweet emails and kind words. Your notes and emails give me a boost in strength during my long days and they are what I go back to when moments are tough! I love you all!

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