Monday, March 14, 2011

'One of life's greatest blessings is the gift of family' 

 I'm so very impressed with my big girl Sophia and the way that she cares for her little sister. It warms my heart.

Look at my little chubbo! She loves her little teether 'Sophie' from Carolyn.
It's hard to believe Alessandra is four months. She is a joy...a wonderfully easy baby who is always smiling. I have no doubt that God picked her just for me to keep me smiling.
And then there's my big girl. My Sophia who loves everything about life...including wearing long, ruffly summer dresses with her Air Jordan's.
Who am I to complain? I am counting down the days for my Marine to come home but until girls are giving me every reason to see the good in life.
These days I'm knee deep in baby belly laughs, potty-training SUCCESSES, and sisterly love. My Marine is happy doing what he does best and we're all anxiously awaiting the day when he comes home. Until then...we're about as happy as we can be and I'm so grateful.
Every little sister needs a good ol' face-smushin'
 kiss from her big sis.

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