Friday, May 28, 2010

This is a video I got of Sophia and Chris playing baseball in the kitchen. Of course, Sophia had to wear her shades but they apparently got in the way when searching for her hit ball! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm going to dedicate this post to my little brother...

I'm sure if you know anything about my family, you know that we're huge University of Michigan fans and we have good reason to be. Humor me a bit and let me ramble on about one of the greatest people I know and just how proud I am to call him family.

This past weekend, Chris, Sophia and I made the ten hour drive to the University of Michigan to see my little brother Chris' last home series of his career at Michigan! We had a little mini Berset reunion with Auntie Tisa, Auntie Diane, Uncle Bruce, Madi, Tisa Amanda, Mom, Dad, Annie and Mary joining us for a baseball filled weekend! I had been looking forward to this trip for quite some time now and it exceeded every expectation I had. Chris played well the whole weekend and Michigan split the games Friday and Saturday one win, one loss. As you can imagine, winning a weekend series is vital to these baseball guys so a lot was riding on the Sunday game scheduled to start around 1pm. It started on time but it started out ROUGH and by the third inning Michigan was losing 14-0. Yikes. I remember meeting Amanda out at the snack bar and just cringing at the sound of the small Northwestern crowd clapping and cheering for their guys after yet another hit. Alright, alright we all say to each other...The beauty of baseball is that it's one of the only sports with no clock counting down...the beauty of baseball is that it isn't over until it is OVER and by God, the Michigan bench sure didn't give up. Base hit after base hit, homerun after homerun, run after run, the boys fought back and with a great pitcher on the mound, they got to the bottom of the ninth trailing only by TWO runs, the score 14-12. Two runs before three outs and they tie the game.

One out after the first batter grounds out.
Base hit and we've got a runner on first.
Fly out to deep center...two outs.

So there's a runner on first, two outs, down by two in the bottom of the ninth and who's up to bat? My kid brother. Aw man, this is the chance of a lifetime right here! It is what my little brother has been training for for twenty years. He's holding the team on his back and he steps up to the plate.

Pitch one...strike.
Pitch two...strike.

Uncle Bruce turns to me and says, 'Well this pitcher isn't going to give him anything good to hit on this count' as we hope for a ball and as soon as we turn to look at the plate....

Chris nails the ball and SAILS it to right-center field.

Is it going far enough!?!?! Will it go over the fence?!?!?! Has he hit it hard enough?!?!?!?! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh....................IT'S GONE!!!! It's GONE!!!!!

To this day, I can SEE the ball sailing over the fence. Wow, what a moment. Now you might think I'm a little nut-so that I did a pathetic play-by-play of a baseball game on my blog and you could probably chalk it up to the fact that I'm prego and my usual dramatic self. I mean really, it's not the World Series or even one of those elimination games that keeps you 'alive' to win something super important, but this is my kid brother. This is one of Chris', what I'll call 'World-Series' moments. Michigan went on to hold Northwestern in the top of the 10th and one of the other seniors and Chris' fellow captain Mike Dufek, hit a homerun to end the game 15-14. Michigan wins the series and ESPN went on to recap later that night the greatest comeback in baseball history. The Berset clan is still screaming!!!! :)

I have seen my little brother start as a kid and grow into a man all the while playing this sport that he just can't ever seem to get enough of. Tying this baseball game after trailing by so much, on senior weekend, of his last home series, with loads of his extended family there...his brother-in-law, girlfriend and little God-daughter witnessing it all...come on, isn't everybody hungry for a moment like that?

Now, let me tell you why this touches my heart in a very special way and segway into why my kid brother is one of the greatest people I've ever known. Not only is Chris a phenomenal baseball player but he is one of the most honorable men I've ever met. You don't come across guys like Chris very often. He is dedicated, strong and focused on what he wants to accomplish in the life God has given him. He is confident yet humble and believes that God is in control of his destiny. He is sensitive to those around him but steadfast when people need him. He is quick to smile, the first one to laugh and he is always there to lend a helping hand. He goes to church every Sunday and is quick to thank God first and foremost for all of his blessings. He loves with his whole heart and while others strive to always do the right thing, he more often than not, does. He is a man of faith, a man who loves his family and friends, a man who leads by example and a man who is going to go far in life because of all this. I have no doubt we will see his name in lights one day playing for the big leagues. The world needs a professional baseball player like him and he deserves every piece of success that comes his way. I haven't always been strong like him and Lord knows, I've made plenty of mistakes that others would just shake their head at but Chris has always believed in me. It is a pleasure to be his be his friend.

So little thanked Chris, Sophia and I in your speech that Saturday night on YOUR senior night for making the trip to see you. Consider this my little speech to you. I'd shout it on the rooftops given the platform. You have made us all so proud and a fraction of that comes from your performance on the baseball diamond. I love you.

'GO, GO, GO CHRIS. HIT THE BALL' ~Soph had to get a word in too for your games this week! :) (Check out the Michigan boys on the Big Ten Network for game two against Minnesota tonight at 7:05pm)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now that things have started to settle down here, I can finally take some 'mommy' time and fill you in on life (so far) here in the south! I'm so happy to be here and even more ecstatic after I met my new 'baby' doctor, Dr. Fiore and had my first checkup for baby number 2! :) Everything's looking great, said Doc and after meeting him and answering some questions about my pregnancy/delivery with Sophia, my little munchkin had his or her first photo shoot!!! I was telling Chris what a relief it was to finally see the little one and hear a strong, fast heartbeat! The appointment probably lasted less than half an hour and I've got my second appointment scheduled for the beginning of June! :) I will be fourteen weeks on Thursday and still due to deliver our little one around November 27th! Here's a photo of the baby from my appointment! I'm not technically savy enough at all to label all the body parts so you'll have to figure out for yourself where his or her big ol' head is! ;)

While on the topic of our growing family, one of the wonderful things about the house we have now is the amount of space we have. Chris and I are in the process of transitioning Sophia into a 'big' girl bed which has turned out to be quite the challenge because for the past three weeks traveling, she has slept with us. Nonetheless, Chris and I have hope and just the other day ordered Sophia a brand new bedroom set complete with a chest, standing drawers, a mirror, a nightstand and an adorable headboard! I can't wait to see it all set up although I did kind of laugh inside when I read the reviews and heard the assembly took some people up to six hours! I have no doubts that Chris will rise to the challenge, as usual, but most especially for his little girl who thinks he hung the moon and the stars. Sophia seems to love the house as well. Off of the living room we've set up a whole playroom for her with her desk, tent, play kitchen, toy box and all of her toys. Once I get things in a little better shape and have all of our things up on the walls, I'll post some pictures of the final project! It's all coming together, slowly but surely! It is a bit of an extra challenge being three months pregnant and getting settled somewhere new. To top it off, I have felt so much sicker this pregnancy and it seems I'm always nauseous with a dull headache. However, seeing it all come together thus far and imagining what it'll be like six months or so from now when our family is complete, is making it all worth it. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who without asking steps up when Sophia wakes in the middle of the night or when I need a quick nap. He told me the other day that he shoots for perfection in everything that he does so that if he on the off chance falls short, he's still done pretty damn good and I can see that in the way he raises and treats Sophia. I'm a happy Mama and can't wait for all the exciting things to come this year.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We have made it to Huntsville, Alabama and have successfully found a beautiful house for our growing family! The trip out was pretty easy for Sophia and I, it was Chris that had the tedious job of driving the cars cross-country. He's made the trek a time or two when he was in college at Auburn, but this trip was slightly different after his run-in with a wild turkey somewhere on a Texas highway. Twenty-eight hundred dollars later, the front of his car is back to it's usual shiny self and my hubby is happy to have made it in one piece! I feel like I could tell one of those know you're in Texas when you get hit by a wild turkey crossing the highway! HA!

Anyways, thanks to my amazing friend Carolyn, her mom Kathy and sister Amanda...Sophia and I found a wonderful four/five bedroom home that has been completely remodeled and like new. After the first week of looking in Huntsville, I was getting a little discouraged with what I was seeing but thankfully, we stumbled across this little wonder in a perfect area of town. I truly could not ask for more. Our stuff arrived in tact and after a week and a half of sleeping on air mattresses, sleeping in our wondrous bed was amazing. It's hard to believe that we're here and settled. I truly could not have done it without Carolyn, Kathy and Amanda. I was telling Chris that I feel so spoiled having what might as well be family in a town miles and miles from anywhere I've ever lived before. I made a quick run to Target after all of our stuff arrived and who did I run into? Kathy!!! I came home all excited to actually be in a place where after only being here a week I can run into someone I know and LOVE! Chris must think I've gone off the deep end but I love it. I love the mountains here and all the green, big, beautiful trees! I love the people that I've met so far and I could definitely get used to the southern style of living! Once all the craziness subsides, I can't wait to explore the town in more depth, finding friends for Sophia, finding some moms I can relate to and of course taking care of my Marine who sacrifices so much so that Sophia and I can have the life that we have. So here's to a new town to explore and a new house to make a home...with the important things like family always staying the same.