Friday, February 25, 2011

I feel like I've been thinking in 'lists'. Like if you wrote out what I was thinking...most of the time, it'd be in bullet form. Is it just me or does adding another kid to the mix force you to perfect your ability to get organized and write lists? So, these daysv as I parent on my own, I write lists. I write lists in my head. I write lists on my calendar. I write lists and email them to myself and here's the list of what I've got for you tonight.

1. I need a pedometer. I'm pretty sure having a three year old and a three month old forces me to take more steps in one day than I've ever taken before.

2. My jogging stroller arrived and I'm SO excited! Why you ask, if I'm somewhat complaining above about how many steps I'm taking? Oh, who knows...maybe because now I can have my hands semi-free while taking all these steps?

3. I'm absolutely loving this season of American Idol AND the Bachelor. Go ahead, judge me on my choice of awful TV. I don't makes my nights less lonely and I'm not ashamed! :)

4. Queen's song 'Another One Bites the Dust' is a REALLY cool song to dance to in the kitchen with my girls. It makes Sophia happy, Alessandra laughs and it burns calories. I mean really? What's better? ;)

5. Note to self. Get a video of Alessandra's most adorable smile. She's a girl of many talents and has more smiles than most three month olds (I'm not partial or anything) but the smile I'm referring to...well, it takes over her whole body and it's amazing. Could be one of the best things I've ever seen and warms my heart.

6. Why yes...I'm 25 and my birthday this year was absolutely wonderful. I had a very special delivery from the love of my life, I had all my sisters, my mom and my girls here in Huntsville to spoil me rotten AND I drank a glass too much wine and had a delicious dessert. It was marvelous. I'm so ready for my 25th year and on the list in my head I remind myself of the goal I made on my birthday...To make this year the best yet. It'll be good. It'll be REAL good.

7. I always remind myself that the Lord is GOOD! After a whole lot of praying, I finally have a working heater in my house and what's the weather like outside? In the 70's! Go figure. But hey, God answered my prayers...I just forgot to specify.

8. You know that old suggestion for new mom's? Nap when your child naps? Well, no matter how many times I put it on my list and VOW that TONIGHT I will go to sleep when the girls go down and have twelve hours of glorious, uninterrupted sleep leaving me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day...I never do. Now more than ever, I find that I crave the time I have that is just my own and the only time I've got, is into the night. One of these days I'll learn. OR my body will just adjust to not sleeping...much like my husband.

9. Things to remember to do: Pluck eyebrows more often. Maybe that'll help me look more awake?

10. This deployment will not get the best of me. Maybe that's not what would typically be on a to-do list but it is something I repeat every day. So much has happened since he's left, both good and bad, but learning to roll with the punches is one of the things I remind myself when the going gets tough. Do I have my off days? Of course. But I've got this! And you won't hear me whining.

So now that I've successfully mixed thoughts with tasks and tasks with thoughts, I feel that my mind's got a little less clutter and I can begin again. My girls give me every reason to smile as I write this...tired, drained, and just plain old worn out...and my friends...ahhh, my friends. They have been the rocks that I need the most and the beautiful distraction when the months ahead feel like they will never end. And I leave you with some pictures of what makes all of it, SO worth it.

Sancho enjoying the sunshine!

Sophia's new favorite thing to do to help Mom. It's wonderful and she does it without being asked.

Chris' home in our lives! It's nice to have him around. ;)

My sleeping beauty.

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